Taming the Tomato Plants

My first year of growing tomatoes, I had no clue what I was doing. I didn’t cage them, prune them or weed them. I basically just planted them, and hoped for the best! While I did get a decent harvest of tomatoes, I was annoyed at how difficult it was to find them amongst the … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Canada!

Today, July 1st, we are celebrating Canada Day, or the birthday of Canada! On this day in 1867 Canada became a self-governing country. Back then it was known as Dominion Day, but we have called it Canada Day since 1983. Of course, most Canadians love a good party so there will be lots of ┬áparades, … Continue reading

Harvesting Broccoli

I had the treat of harvesting my first broccoli this week! I was seriously excited about it! One of my plants decided to grow much faster than all of the rest, so I almost missed him! This is why it’s very important to go and just take a walk through your garden on a regular … Continue reading

A Summer Salsa

The real name for this salsa is Avocado, Tomato and Mango Salsa, but I like Summer Salsa better! Plus the other title is way too long and gives away all of the surprises! I found this recipe on an App called All Recipes, but it’s on the Aussie version of the app because when I … Continue reading

Growing Lettuce All Summer Long

Well, as I predicted, I planted waayyyyy too much lettuce at the same time. I’m now looking at about 30 heads of lettuce all ready to be eaten! Friends, family, and the neighbors aren’t complaining though! I did know this was going to happen based on my planting last year. We had amazing lettuce through … Continue reading

Lettuce From the Garden

Check out the goodies I picked tonight! Red Leaf and Romaine lettuces, and they are perfect and taste amazing! I made a Greek salad and also added the fresh oregano and basil you can see at the bottom of the plate. Tomorrow I am going to show you guys the best thing I’ve learned in … Continue reading

Easy Homemade Hummus

I finally made my own hummus. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long! Considering how much I love it, I’m surprised I’ve never made it before. This recipe is soooo easy and quick. And YUMMY! There is a definite noticeable difference in the taste compared to the store-bought brands as well. I doubled the … Continue reading